Multi-lingual & multi-currency

Use the multi-lingual & multi-currency functionalities to make your company more international. Use several currencies in the same system for both incoming and payable bills, accounting reports, and resources, etc.

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Doing business internationally is now more important than ever. It’s vital for both SMEs and larger internationally-focused groups to use a tool that takes this into account. Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes multi-lingual & multi-currency functionalities to help companies do just this.

The module allows businesses to use several currencies in the system for both incoming and payable bills in accounting reports, resources, stock items, and bank accounts.

Users can also:

  • Enter the exchange rate and convert the currency in accordance with legislation
  • Convert currencies according to exchange rates
  • Enter a currency and choose its display format in the exchange rate table
  • Enter the exchange rates for a specific date or period
  • Calculate the exchange rate on the day of transaction for each conversion of a foreign currency into the local currency
  • Add previous exchange rates to the table
  • Trade with whichever customer or supplier you wish
  • Dynamic currency conversion management
  • Save the details of transactions in local and foreign currencies

Language can also be changed in real time, provided the language is available on the application. The Language module is used by the Multi-lingual functionality.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

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